Extreme packages

Adult Child

EX1: ATV Ride for 20 mins (ATV山地卡丁车20分钟)

800 800

EX2: Kayaking/ ATV Ride for 20 mins (皮划艇/ ATV山地卡丁车 20分钟)

1400 1100

EX3: ATV Ride for 20 mins / Elephant Trekking for 30 mins 
Waterfall II (ATV山地卡丁车 20分钟 / 骑大象30分钟 / Namuang2号瀑布)

1500 1300

EX4: ATV Ride for 20 mins/Kayaking
Elephant Trekking for 30 mins /Waterfall II Lunch (ATV山地卡丁车 20分钟/ 皮划艇 / 骑大象30分钟/Namuang2号瀑布午餐)


1850 1500

Pickup Time (Morning)

  • Bangmakham,Nathon08:15 am
  • BanTai08:10 am
  • Chaweng08:45 am
  • Chongmon/Bangrak08:25 am
  • Lamai09:00 am
  • Lipanoi/Phangka08:35 am
  • Maenam/Pralann08:15 am

Pickup Time (Afternoon)

  • Bangmakham,Nathon12:10 pm
  • BanTai11:00 am
  • Chaweng12:00 pm
  • Chongmon/Bangrak11:30 am
  • Lamai12:30 pm
  • Lipanoi/Phangka12:10 pm
  • Maenam/Pralann11:20 am

What to bring

**Swimming suit** (泳装)
**Comfortable cloths** (舒适的鞋子)
**Sun protection** (防晒装备)
**Towel** (毛巾)
**Camera** (相机)
**Comfortable shoes** (舒适的鞋子)
**Raincoat For unpredictable weather ** (雨衣以备不可预测天气)

Tour includes

Insurance (保险)

Terms and Condition

1. Namuang Safari Park allows children 10-12 years old to participate in ATV ride as a driver, condition applied. (Namuang Safari Park 允许10-12岁的小孩单独驾驶ATV山地卡丁车。)
2. If the children are failed to follow the safety instructions, the children must be supervised by an adult or parents (如果儿童还不能自我保护,则必须由一个以上家长监护。)
3. Namuang Safari Park will charge for every rider and the passenger (Namuang Safari Park 向每一个车手和游客负责。)